The Dallai quick couplings  allow you to create exactly your customized drainage system, the wide range of accessories and diameters available, create the flexible and fast system for your business. We focus on quality and technology, which will allow you not to waste time and money on the site, and it will make your job easier. The quality of the materials allows the quick couplings Dallai the same opening and closing, for the whole life of the fitting, the handles and hooks are durable and created to facilitate the positioning of the joints in place.

When designing a drainage work, which is for the construction of a house or the Panama Canal, the economic aspect for emptying is essential:

You can opt for a fixed system, less expensive in the first instance, but certainly slower and more difficult to assemble, and much less flexible in use. Often this system is not always easy to reuse, also because it was created specifically for the project.

The Dallai transition system allows, thanks to the spherical shape of the joint, an adaptability to the ground and to the disconnections that will speed up the assembly and disassembly of the drainage system, avoiding screws, nuts, bolts, welders, earth movement not indispensable, therefore less operators and less expenses. Moreover the excellent pressure seals of the Dallai ball joints will allow you to expand the range of use.