Life is made of water not to waste the most important resource on the planet, this is the reason that drives us after more than 60 years experience to improve the world of irrigation. Proper irrigation will allow you to have better quality products. The Dallai quick couplings  fittings were born for the world of irrigation and water transport. The spherical nature of the connection and the speed in positioning irrigation lines are the peculiarities of our irrigation system, the materials and the most extensive range of products on the market will always allow you to find the right solution for every need. 


The lines for irrigation of agricultural fields are one of the most used methods in the world, the duration of galvanized steel pipes is unmatched, the initial investment will certainly be amortized after the first years of use.

Why choose the spherical fitting for irrigation? The reasons are manifold, ductility of use, simplicity of connection in the opening and closing of the spherical connection, low maintenance, and durability.

The peculiarity of the Dallai fittings is the sphericity of the fitting, which allows, thanks to the cone of deviation, to follow the irregularities of the ground facilitating the work and making it multi-purpose. The irrigation system is completed by the various indispensable accessories, such as jointed curves, shunts, jointed flanges and hose holders, in our catalog you will find everything you need to create the ideal irrigation system for your needs.